renaissance art
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renaissance art

This art was created during the renaissance period. The renaissance – often termed as the beginning of the modern age - is conventionally the historical age after the middle ages and before the reformation. It marked the beginning of good living and the spread of knowledge far and wide with the introduction of printing. Today’s historians however, prefer to think of the renaissance as e ‘cultural phase’ with humanism as its theme rather than an entire historical epoch in itself.

The word renaissance literally means “rebirth” – translated into French by the French historian Jules Michelet and expanded by the Swiss historian Jacob Burkhardt, in the 1960’s.It was the rebirth of culture (mainly European) which arose from the rediscovery of ancient literature.

Renaissance art can most appropriately be explained by certain figured and their works which highlighted it an all genres of art ranging from painting to poetry. This period and its art have no distinct point of origin – especially as they came about at different times in various places.

Techniques of oil painting were perfected in renaissance art and human anatomy, along with themes from daily life were given importance. ‘Vitruvian man’ by Leonardo Da Vinci exemplifies a merger of science with art seen during the renaissance (also known as the early modern age).

Petrarch is said to be the initiator of Renaissance Literature. Dante Alghieri (1265 to 1321) a poet, who with his ‘Divine Comedy’ needs no elaborate introduction, was one of the very first to incorporate the Renaissance spirit in his work. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Sir Thomas More (author of ‘Utopia’), Machiavelli and William Shakespeare were few other famous personalities in Renaissance Literature.

Renaissance dance was most versatile. It comprised dances like ‘Bassadance’ and ‘Almain’ which were sophisticated and stately in nature along with the energetic ‘Gilliard’ and ‘Canario’, slow romantic dances for couples ‘Lavolta’ and also group dances such as ‘Branles’ – some pre-choreographed and others impromptu.

Historians have divided views on the importance of the Renaissance as a historical era, but the fact that it produced some excellent art is undisputed.


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