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Your free profile page !

Artist Profile / Gallery Profile

To promote the work of art, We are proud to offer free Profile pages for artists and art gallery owners.

This would consist of a brief description of the artist, sample images of your art work, plus contact details of the artist or your gallery etc.

example artist profile page:

example art gallery page:

How can I put my profile on ?

Simple ! Just send us an email with following details :

1) Your Name and profile in brief ( please send in a word document )
2) 1 or 2 images of your paintings (  total within 200 KBs in JPG format  )
3) Your permanent address and contact numbers for verification purpose.

( Please Do not send us any attachment in a zip file)

Please note that this service is available to upcoming, amateur and professional Indian artists & painters, as well as art galleries in India.

The profile page is a free service, and we encourage your participation!*

With Best wishes Team

What's coming ?
Art Promo - We would soon offer an easy way to create your own online gallery using ready - templates.


* We reserve the right to exercise editorial discretion.




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