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As art has evolved over many centuries so has the ways to buying it. Cyberspace is the latest and virtually the most preferred method these days for sales and auctions and just about browsing. The excitement of moving around in a virtual gallery is addictive to the new age art buyers too. The biggest advantage is the discretion involved in the sales and auctions. Who would have thought that art galleries themselves would opt for on line marketing? It is so much easier to click and buy, or bid and buy. Most of the rules of buying and selling remain unchanged but a buyer has to be net–savvy and well informed to understand the systems. Each on line gallery gives handy tips to purchase without a fuss.

Advantages of On Line Galleries

Most people today have extremely busy lives finding no time to do even basic chores during work hours. After work, there is only time to rush home rather than walk into an art gallery for an exhibition. Unless one is, a total art aficionado and does not mind going to an art gallery and check out an exhibition. If there are two or more exhibitions or art events happening simultaneously in different directions it is difficult to go everywhere no matter how much one wants to. Worst still if the exhibition is for a short period one tends to miss the event altogether.


With the advantage of most gallery owners having a website one can avail of the following facilities:

1. If you are listed with, the art gallery update emails of future events can be sent.
2. A small preview of the artist and the artwork is sent via email as a teaser.
3. If interested in actually visiting the gallery you can plan your dates accordingly.
4. A website can have an archive full of previous exhibition and paintings details for references.
5. If there are more than one or two art events then one can definitely go on line and check out if it worthwhile to go all the way physically.
6. On line, galleries allow one to surf at one’s own pace. No botheration of opening and closing timings in cyberspace.
7. On line, galleries allocate genuine members a service number or special access to check how paintings can be sold.
8. Quite a few of the artists have their own websites with their works online. There can be no question of a fake involved if one can directly deal with the artist.
9. Seeing the easy nature of using internet and its various advantages auction houses too have their own on line galleries. Bidding and buying is allowed for regular patrons.
10. Several art dealers have their websites with artworks of variety of artists and mixed media artworks. An on line member has the advantage of surfing through and then deciding what he wants to buy.

Most on line sales are supported by physical deliveries of artworks. In addition, some time is given to register any complains. Until now, there have been no cases of fraudulent sales on line or during auctions. Art patrons are happy with their choice of websites and deal with them regularly.

Proof of authenticity, provenance of the artist’s works are given once the sale is completed. Discrepancies do arise sometimes and it is best to check up with the owners before it is too late. For investors on line galleries is a haven. It allows them to invest in various deals just as they would do at the stock exchange. Every on line gallery has terms and agreements for the buyers and sellers. Read the finer print before making a foray in cyberspace. - By N. A Nagpal

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