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native american art

Traditional arts and crafts of American native groups, which mostly took form in an attempt to make objects of utility aesthetically pleasing, came to be known as Native American Art.

Designs in various shapes, painted along with beads and porcupine quills embroidered onto buffalo hide (raw or tanned - which was used for clothing, covering as well as storage in the Great Plains), Featherwork and Basketry were developed in California.

Pottery with the use of strong geometric designs for decoration is typically South-west Native American Art, as are the weaving of intricately patterned rugs and silverpoint which were given to them by the Spanish. This region also has beautifully carved ‘Kachina dolls’ with ornamentation as its legacy.

Detailed carving techniques for wood were developed in the North-western region (which was also heavily forested). Ostentatious skin and skin and fur garments were created by Eskimo groups who also sculpted Arctic fauna in stone, bone and ivory.
With the entry of Europeans, Native American Art began to slowly lose its utilitarian quality and authenticity. Older pieces of art soon became a symbol of American cultural heritage which are debated topics until date. These are collectors items found in museums all over America today.

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