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language arts

These are art forms which are essentially language based. This would include poetry, prose and even writing songs or simply couplets. The nature of language art makes it very distinct from other art forms like visual and performing arts.

In schools and other educational institutions, language arts often sport the title of  ‘English Studies’ and incorporate vocabulary  and grammar along with literature. Institutions also emphasize on testing the language skills of students (reading as well as writing). This is true not only for English, but also other languages which form a part of the curriculum.

In a nutshell, language art boils down to the study and creation of literature. ‘Literature’ – literally means “acquaintance with letters” (Oxford Dictionary definition) and comes from the Latin word ‘littera’ meaning “an individual written character”.
Language Arts is a collective name for its many sub-parts. An insight into these divisions is sure to give the reader some amount of clarity about what exactly this title signifies. ‘Poetry’ is composed in verses. It may or may not have a rhyme scheme depending solely on whether or not the poet is a stickler for it. Digital poetry has recently become renowned. Apart from poetry, there is ‘prose’ which is also sub-divided into categories of it’s own like plays and essays. Plays are generally written in dialogue form, that is, conversation between characters, and are usually transformed into the visual art of theatre also called drama. An essay consists of an author’s point of view or his creative outlook on a certain topic. Short stories are part of prose as are much longer ones which make novels. A ‘novella’ is an intermediate (lengthwise) between a short story and a novel.

Other books like encyclopedias or those on subjects like science, psychology, history and comic books are also termed as literature, and are very much products of language art.

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