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Karma Art Gallery, Ahmedabad


Karma Art Gallery is an endeavor of Mrs. Nayana Soparkar and Mrs. Bina Nanavaty, artists and admirers of art from leading families of Ahmedabad. Karma was conceived after discussions with artists, gallery owners as well as experts from the art fraternity to serve as a window to the world of art and artists and to cater to the burgeoning demand for art from corporate and individuals alike. Founded in February 2007, Karma offers both – a platform to budding artist to bring their talents to the fore and an arcade to veterans to showcase their masterpieces.

Karma Art Gallery offers the services of organizing art exhibitions – including independent shows by artist, camps and workshops, and corporate workspace decoration and restoration.

Karma aspires to carry forward the rich heritage of Ahmedabad in the art scene, expose the city’s audiences to the art milieu of the country, and in turn lead to cultural development of the local community.

Today art is not only an expression of the individual that moves and captives the senses, but also an investment opportunity that can generate enormous returns for the right choice. Karma recognizes this integration of the head and the heart in art and proffers its services to artist, connoisseurs, art investors and the society alike.

In a span of around six months, Karma Art Gallery has established its name and fame as one of the leading galleries in the city of Ahmedabad.

Today, the Gallery boasts of show casing art collection and art work of over 75 artists including names like C. Jagdish, Thota Vaikuntam, , Rini Dhumal, DLN Reddy, Kakoli Sen, Haku Shah, Paritosh Sen, S.G. Vasudev, Anjani Reddy, Sudhakar Chhipa, Rajeshwar Rao,Rajesh Sagra, Bharti Prajapati , Apurva Desai and also many up coming & budding artists.

Near Suvidha Shopping Center
Ahmedabad-380 007
+079 26633434



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