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Gallery Soulflower

Gallery Soulflower is housed within SILOM GALLERIA, the well known ART CENTRE of Bangkok.This complex houses many well known art galleries offering a variety of Art and Sculpture ranging from THAI ,VEITNAMESE,CHINESE,KOREAN and INDIAN. Known for its prime location and well-designed space, the gallery has a very simple interior design, allowing the space to always enjoy a friendly and uninterrupted natural atmosphere.

Among the forefront of the private art spaces in Bangkok, the main mission for the gallery is to push the potential of contemporary art and capture the current directions of the rapidly developing visual culture. Organizing 4-6 exhibitions annually, and offering a combination of various exhibitions including curated show, solo or group exhibitions by established and emerging INDIAN artists, as well as foreign artists.

At Gallery Soulflower, virtue is key. There are no artistic boundaries as to the kind of art works the gallery intends to show. For each art creation has its own merits. Works on display here can range from painting, sculpture, photography, installations, to new media and conceptual-based art.

Gallery Soulflower has made a vital contribution to the local contemporary art scene in initiating greater participations and creating a better awareness between the artists and the general public.

Being the only INDIAN CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY in Thailand, Gallery Soulflower bears the responsibility of promoting INDIAN ART to the people of Thailand.

Gallery Soulflower also makes contribution to the society through its participation in the charity works. Donation is made annually. As an ongoing commitment of Gallery Soulflower, part of the proceeds from certain exhibitions will go towards various charity organizations.

Centrally located in the hotels and business districts, the gallery welcomes several visitors a day, six days a week (Monday-Saturday, 11 am- 7 pm).

309, 3rd floor, The Silom Galleria, Soi Silom 19, Silom Road,
Bangkok 10500, Thailand.

Mon to Sat 11am to 7pm (close on Sunday)

FOR INQUIRIES : Ms. Natasha tel:(+66)2-6300-0032 mob: 0860821573 site: . Email:  info( at)



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