folk art
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folk art

The term is used to cover the stunningly diverse and exquisite fabric of art objects made my particular social sections all over the world. Their special art- forms are known only to those who are born and these social sections incorporated in their life-styles and on objects of their daily use.

Folk Art depicts numerous objects crafted by the traditional life style, culture and training of different social groups. These people do not go through any academic courses to train in their art. They simply use and implement traditional styles and techniques of their region and culture.

Their art is used to decorate, design and shape textiles, utensils, pottery, sculpture, painting, tools and various other items of daily use. Folk Art cannot be included in art which is created by professionals and marketed as fine art.
Indian folk artists are mostly self taught through family occupation and community. Their craftsmanship and skills are beautiful and varied. The rural arts form the centre of folk-creativity.

There has been growing patronization of folk-art through marketing opportunities and exposure all over the world in the last ten to fifteen years. It has lately come to be called ‘Grassroots Art’. The movement is gaining visibility and patronization all over the world via media tools like television.


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