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fine art

  This term depicts creation which is primarily concerned with aesthetics and beauty. The word was coined in 1767 as an interpretation of aesthetic ex-pression by the French.

This art form comprises the arts of painting, printmaking and sculpture. Art institutes and academies use the term ‘Fine Art’ from a traditional viewpoint for the visual aspects of arts.

Fine Art stays within the traditional limits of the academic world. The term "fine" does not define the artwork qualitatively but points at aesthetic purity in its field of art learning

The discipline of fine arts excludes branches of applied art, craft and textiles. Fine art is both different and distinct from the current trends in visual arts which has a wider canvas.

‘Fine Art’ in the fine sense adheres to Aristotle’s philosophy of beauty and perfection as the motive and the purpose of creation. The final cause of art in this form of thinking is the object of creation as absolute and complete. It is to be perceived as a whole ––a thing of beauty.



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