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fine art photography

They depict very sensitive visuals of good quality prints which are taken to express the inspired vision of professionals. The originals are not randomly reproduced for mass display in advertising. Their reproduction is limited to be marketed to collectors and exclusive dealers.

Rejlander, Julia Margaret, Dodgson and Cameron are some famous photographers of 19th century. In 20th Century art photography transformed in pictorialism which tried to make photography look like painting. John Steichen, Hugh Edwards and Akfred Stieglitz are some art collectors who made their presence felt during the 20th century.
Photojornalism earned a place for itself after the 1970s. Galleries were opened exclusively to show photographs after 1975.

Landscapes and portraits prevailed as subjects in photography till the 70s. The 80s introduced a new dimension in the art of photography. The print size increased in the 20th century ushering an era of wall sized prints.

Color is widely used in photography in the present times, widely acclaimed by famous identities like John Szakowski and William Eggleston. US bodies like the Museum of Modern Art and Aperture foundation have patronized photography in a big way as a part of fine art.

The latest trend shows a special emphasis in the staging and lighting of photographs. Technological development has transformed the camera into the digital mode. Camera artists have made their presence felt. Computer made digital prints are still different from fine-art-photography. One needs to have to cultivate an eye to value fine art photography in the real sense.


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