fairy art
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fairy art

  Fairies are mystical creatures with magical powers from the world of fantasy. They are depicted in various contradictory roles to express the forces of good and evil -casting spells, changing disguises, condoning, punishing and indulging in malicious and loving deeds.

Fairies have not only been used as chief characters in fairy-tales and literature but also in paintings and sculptures. Alan Lee, Myrea Pettit, Ida Rentoul, Daniel Maclise, Arthur Rackham, Brian Froud, Grimshaw, Cicely Mary Baker, and Ida Rentoul are some painters, sculptors and photographers who have given myriad ex-pression to fairies in various mediums. Richard Dadd a painter from the Victorian era made dark compositions of fairies to express the evil in human nature.

Cottingley photographs of fairies heralded a big change in 1917 inspiring many artists to paint fairies. The Cottingley fairies consisted of a group of photographs (five) by Elsie Wright and Griffiths who lived in Cottingley (England).

Fairy tales depicted in movies and books are mostly adapted from traditional stories. The Disney adaptations of these elf creatures are popular all over the world. Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan tales is another example of fairy art through this medium.

The inexhaustible magic of the fairy world with its innumerable and diverse manifestations has inspired artists, scholars and story tellers all over the world to create fantasy. Andrew Lang compiled the popular fairy stories of the French and English legends in the colored book of fairies from 1889.

The mystical essence of fairies has been widely explored throughout history and rendered via mythology, scholarly thesis and verbal narrations. Fairies are an eternal theme delighting children and entertaining adults through ages. 



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