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electronic arts

  Art which utilizes electronic media and may or may not take help from other technology is known as ‘Electronic Art’. This form of art, although very closely related to digital art is not the same. Digital art mainly comprises of that which is computer created while electronic art covers artwork born from any electronic devise. It also includes not only visual arts but also performing arts, music, architecture and dance. Electronic art is a field which employs professionals from various disciplines and walks of life. Electronic artists are probably the only ones who work in collaboration with engineers and scientists at times.

Electronic art has found its place n the Art World lately and is becoming bigger by the day. Festivals based specially on electronic arts are being organized the world over. I.S.E.A. (International Symposium of Electronic Arts-taking place every 2 years since 1988). D.E.A.F. (Dutch Electronic Art Festival-annual festival organized in Rotterdam-Netherlands, since 1994) and ‘Ars Electronica’ in Linz-Austria, since 1979 are three such major festivals.

There are also awards to be won for achievements in this field today – the Prix Ars Electronica being a prestigious yearly one. What is art without an artist? Roy Ascott, Doughlas Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Eduardo Kac, Perry Hoberman, Laurie Anderson, Angie Bonino, Louis-Phillipe, Demers and Bill Vorn are some amongst many famous names attached to electronic art.

Electronic art is a field of vastness. Artists may involve visual arts, wireless, computer technologies, robotics, internet and other networks in achieving a complete electronic artwork. Such collaboration is however not mandatory and is not always see.



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