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clip art

  The term clip art is a technique of graphic arts where visual images are copied or cut from existing works. Clip art is used in Graphics to transport images through any branch in media. In contemporary times clip art is widely used in commercial and individual assignments like home-made craft, greeting cards, printed- stationary etc. Besides the printed form Clip art can also be manifested through the electronic media.

Development of technology has enabled generation of clip art through the electronic channel in a variety of ways. This form of art has grown and developed to include a huge variety in terms of content, illustrating styles and formats. It is also used to express restrictions in the genre of licenses. Clip art, primarily a composition of hand made or computer generated illustrations excludes the use of stock photography completely.

The history of this art can be traced back to the practice of cutting out prints form existing material and pasting it manually for fresh publishing assignments. This process was popular by the name of paste-ups. Works created via the technique of clip art were presented as line art in many places. Images of clip art were meticulously cut and fixed with glue on a board that aligned it with the size of printed work. Text attachments and artwork made through photo setting produced mechanicals of pages which were ready to be photographed.

Desktop publishing replaced the paste-up process in the 1990s. It was widely accepted by publishers all over. This started a new wave in print evolution with the advent of more and more sophisticated computers and technological advances. New programmes like Microsoft Paint, PageMaker, etc have completely overtaken the world of print and publishing in the modern world.

Commercial clip art is marketed with a royalty that is limited via free licenses which enables clients to use it for personal, educative and non commercial purposes also.



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