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celtic art

  This kind of Art is that which is produced by ‘Celts’. Celts are groups of Europeans who spoke “Celtic languages”.  Up to the 15th century, such artwork was called Celtic Art whereas artwork created after this came to be known as Celtic Revival Art. Celtic art also includes works of groups whose language is unknown but archeologists consider Celts to be their successors from similarities of style and culture.

Celtic Art is far from the usage of straight lines and is rarely symmetrical. It is greatly ornamental in nature and often uses symbolism in a complex form. It does not attempt to imitate nature or anything that could be described as classical beauty.
High cross, hanging bowl, Pictish stone, Celtic calendar, carpet page and hiberno-saxon are some types of Celtic Art.

A major period in Medieval Art, Celtic Art inspired various artists during and post the Romantic Age to create artworks derived from itself but possessing a new modern feel.. This is what came to be known as the Celtic Revival.

Celtic influence often also features in some most modern technological devises used to create art today such as computer fonts.


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