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Artistic Achievements:

1. Paintings:
Did over 2,100 paintings in water/oil/acrylic colours both in Traditional/Modern styles on different themes. Notable among the series of paintings done are on the themes of
My Village · Rocks · Electric Power (Graphics) · Nehru and his vision
Horses · Ganesha · Bull Fight ·50 years of Indian Independence · Nature

2. One Man Shows participated:
· 1965 Organised by United States Information Services, Guntur.
· 1966 One Man Show of paintings, Hyderabad.
· 1967 Organised by International Club, Hyderabad.
· 1968 One Man Show of paintings at Hyderabad.
· 1975 Graphics on “Panorama of Power”,Hyderabad
· 1982 Paintings on “My Village” at New Delhi.
· 1989 Paintings on “Nehru and his Vision” at Hyderabad.
· 1993 Paintings on “Hyderabad—400 years” at Hyderabad.
· 1995 One Man Show of paintings at Hyderabad.
· 1998 50 years of Indian Independence at Alliance Francaise, Hyderabad.
· 1999 One Man Show at “Art Folio”, Chandigarh.
· 2000 - Paintings on “Hyderabad” at British Library Art Gallery, Hyderabad
- One Man Show at Indus Ind Bank Art Gallery, Chandigarh
- One Man Show at ANZ Grindlays Bank Art Gallery, Mumbai.
- One Man Show at “Art Gallery”, M.S.University, Baroda
- One Man Show at “Ravi Shankar Raval Kala Bhavan”, Ahmedabad.
· 2001 - Painting show at Grad Kakatiya Hotel, Hyderabad.
· 2005 - One Man Show at ICCR Art Gallery, Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad.

3. Group Shows participated:
· 1972 Exhibition of paintings at BHEL Club, Hyderabad.
· 1973 --do—
· 1974 --do—
· 1975 Three Decades of Art in Andhra Pradesh.
· 1977 Second All India Contemporary Miniature Biennial of A.P. Council of Artists.
· 1980 International Exhibition of Cartoons organized in Vamouri Sheibun, Japan.
· 1996 World Telugu Federation Exhibition.
· 1997 Telugu University – 2nd State-wide exhibition.
· 1998 Annual Exhibition of Hyderabad Art Society.
· 1999 Telugu University – 3rd State-wide exhibition.
· 2000 - Annual Exhibition of Hyderabad Art Society.
- Telugu University – 4th State-wide exhibition.
- “Affordable Art Show” – Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai.
2006 – Group Show at Lakshana Art Gallery, Hyderabad
- group Show at Kalakruti Art Gallery,Hyd.


.. 2 ..
4. Participation in Art Camps:
· Wood-cut print making workshop organized by Mr.Paul Lingren under Max Muller Bhavan, Hyderabad.
· “Encounter” – An Art Camp organized by Hindustan Times at New Delhi.

5. Paintings in collection of :
· Mrs.Begum Abida Ahmed, New Delhi.
· Dr.N.M,.Chodnosky, USA.
· Ing John Ludvik, (CSSR).
· Mr.Fritzsche, West Germany.
· Hon’ble Mr.Michel Foot, U.K.
· Andhra Pradesh Lalit Kala Academi and many other Indian and foreign dignitaries.

6. Illustrated a number of books and designed a number of book jackets.
7. Interviewed on All India Radio several times on artistic activity.
8. Egg-Shell Engraving:
· For the first time, developed an unique craft of egg-shell engraving, in the country.
· Engraved over thousand eggs so far and presented them to important dignitaries in India and abroad.
· Portraits like Sarva Sri R.Venkataraman, Richard Nixon, President Reagan, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastry, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Dr.Gustav Husak, Breznev, V.V.Giri, Edward Heath, Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, Dr.Zakir Hussain and many more.

9. Honours:
· Received a number of awards in the field of Fine Arts.
· Honoured by the Andhra Association, New Delhi in the presence of Shri Pendekanti Venkata Subbaiah, then Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs.
· Honoured by the Andhra Education Society, New Delhi in 1982.
· Honoured with ‘Mega Citizen Award, 1997”.
· Honoured with “Ugadi Puraskar, 1998” by the Delhi Telugu Academy, New Delhi.
· Honoured by Smt.G.T.Tumen Bava, External Affairs Minister of Kirgia Soviet Socialist Republic, and
· His Excellency Mr.Robert Arbuthnott, Minister (Cultural Affairs), British High Commission, British Council Division.
· Honoured by Salivahana Trust, Cherukuri Group,Hyderabad

10. Mr.Swamy’s name has been listed in the “Limca Book of Records, 1993”.

For more information about the artist, contact directly :

E-mail: venkatvalluri(at)yahoo.co.in
Name : V.V.SWAMY
Date of Birth : 2nd June, 1944
Address for communication : BHEL MIG-778
Near BHEL Township
HYDERABAD-500 032.
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.




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