V. Ragunath

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V Ragunath

Divine Designs-The Traditional Kolam

Size:24x18. Stretched canvas Price:Rs..25000/=shipment worldwide [extra cost]

As the sun awakens over the dew caressed village, the first light illuminates the enchanting designs that adorn the doorstep of each household. Stunning in its beauty as well as its simplicity, the auspicious kolam reveals the hidden potential and inner beauty of the simple village belle, who painstakingly creates myriad designs on the threshold of her house.
This painting is an ode to Woman depicted through the expression of peace and contentment evident in the girl's countenance. Resplendent in a shimmering silk saree with delicate golden threads, the girl's half smile overshadows even the beauty of the flowers that adorn her raven tresses. It appears as if even the bright colours she uses in her Kolam find themselves unequal to matching the beauty of the girl in this vibrant canvas.


Hopeful heart - Sakunthala waits for Dushyant:

Size: 24x16 canvas board. Price:25000/=shipment to world wide[extra cost]

This painting depicts the beautiful nymph- Sakunthala, as she eagerly waits for her lover the King Dushyant. The essence of Poet Kalidasa's most famous drama is captured in this woodland scene with the innocent heroine searching the horizon with hopeful eyes, eager for even a glimpse of the prince of her heart. The passion and power of her feelings make her forgetful of her sylvan surroundings as her doe like gaze appears to beseech Mother Nature herself to restore her King to her. The backdrop of the bountiful forest at dawn, the exquisitely graceful fawn, and the pristine snowhite of her saree still wet from her bath accentuate Sakunthala's purity of mind and the intensity of her love. The canvas captures the inner torment raging within Sakunthala in her shy gaze as eagerness to behold her lover wars with her innate modesty.


PH. 91- 044 -26203725. artlands_1941@yahoo.co.in


A highly accomplished and versatile artist with five decades of rich experience, specializes in various facets of oriental art, viz paintings from rare epics of Indian origin, and life like depiction of colourful Indian sceneries, mythological episodes, history, life style etc.,

His expertise spans from exquisite reproduction of architecture, to rare paintings of Indian life in its true perspective from originals.

His work and artist himself have been felicitated on several national galleries.



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