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Tyeb Mehta paintings, artist Tyeb Mehta, indian painter - Indian artist par excellence

Excellence is not one time phenomenon; rather it’s a habit, performed repeatedly. Tyeb Mehta belongs to the clan which has made excellence, its second nature.
Tyeb Mehta was born in July 1925 in Kapadvanj district of Gujarat. He is not only one of the greatest artists of India but also an acclaimed painter. After working as a film editor in a cinema laboratory, his interest in painting led him to Sir J.J.School of Art, Mumbai from where he graduated in 1952.To further his interest, he made a short visit of four months to London and Paris.
After his return, he focused intensely on the art of painting and sculpture which saw him participating in many exhibitions. He organized first solo exhibition of his art at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, in 1959.

With a desire to accentuate his skills and learning, he left for London where he lived and worked from 1959 to 1964. He also made a visit to USA on a Rockfeller Fellowship in 1968 .He also tried his hand at film-making which made him win Film fare critic’s award in 1970 for his experimental film Koodal. He is also a Recipient of Kalidas Samman by the Madhya Pradesh Government in 1988. Truly, Mehta is a multi-faceted personality.
In addition to a range of solo exhibitions, he has also participated in several international shows too. Immaculate in nature, he is one of the most influential artists of India. To think of the fact that, he chose his calling when there was not much knowledge and understanding about the art, says a lot about his resolve. He has certainly contributed a lot for the art of painting and sculpture in India by means of awareness and exposure.
What makes Tyeb Mehta so renowned and hugely respected? The answer lies in his works which are a clear reflection of supreme authenticity and wonderful assortment of honesty and intent. Adding to that is the ever growing repertoire of his craft in various other modes of painting. What else can one ask from a painter?
Another distinct mark of his strong identity and proud national origin is his affinity with mythological characters in his works. This not only shows his knowledge about the Indian traditions but also explains a lot about his commitment and consideration. His versatility is unmistakably reflected in, from painting images of rickshaw-wallahs and the tethered bull, to intricate, encrusted images and concepts of Hindu mythology.
As a confirmation of his brilliance, Mehta’s paintings fetch the maximum prices of any living Indian artist. He possess the record for the highest price an Indian painting has ever been sold in a public auction for “Celebration” at Christie’s, New York in 2002.Adding to that his painting “Mahisasura,” brought $1.58 million , the first time a modern Indian painting had crossed the million-dollar mark.
Tyeb Mehta’s hugely influential works, across six decades makes him one of the supreme names in modern Indian art. At the forefront of rise of Indian art, his name will be etched in the canals of great Indian artists.



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