Meera Rajesh

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Meera Rajesh

Born and brought up in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Art is more of a hobby to me than a profession. I like to sketch in black and white. Do not possess big name and fame in this art field, but I am deeply interested in art, particularly pencil drawings. Did not have an opportunity to learn any form of art, but I feel that pencil on a piece of paper could do wonders, and sincere practice would achieve perfection.

I feel charcoal and pencil a very attractive medium also with everybody going in for colours, she thinks it would be unique for her to concentrate on black and white “which is losing importance. I started drawing pictures that greatly impressed me. This, of course, was not conforming to any rules of drawings. Meera believes that there is always a little art in everybody's heart only it's just not expressed on a piece of paper!

But right now she is concentrating on Indian dances like Bharatanatyam and to her great joy, she has found that a lot of people like her work on dancers. She would like to thank her mother for paving the way to this beautiful art world, “my husband and our little son for giving all support and time in continuing in the field I most like”.

For more information about the artist, contact directly :

Email: meerahul07(at)


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