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atul mehra


Atul Mehra is a versatile artist who expresses himself through paintings, which belong to the school of realism that serves to stir the soul.

Born into a merchant family, Atul proved to be an exception and chose art over business. He also has passion for music but sacrificed his interest in music to dedicate his life to fine arts.

After equipping himself with a bachelorís degree and a 4-year diploma in Fine Arts, Atul commenced his career as an artist that has now spanned over 30 years. Atul right from the early days of his career has been honing his skills by churning out canvas after canvas of exceptional work. Though felicitated with many awards for his exemplary work, he remained a down to earth person and he is easily accessible to his fellow artists whom he counsels to improve their work.

One of Atulís noteworthy paintings can be found at the Jallianwala Bagh Memorial in Amritsar. The 17.5 feet long canvas depicts the stark reality of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The vivid portrayal of General Dwyerís men shooting every Indian at sight wrenches the heart of every visitor to the memorial even today. The above-mentioned memorial also showcases one of his more serious paintings that depicts Rabindra Nath Tagore in a somber mood after receiving the news of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.

As his career evolved, Atulís experimentation led him to the use of more bright and lively colours combined with different innovative techniques. Such a combination on canvas undoubtedly refreshes the soul; heals the mind and invigorates the body. The use of the canvas and the depth of brush strokes reveal his maturity as an artist. One of the outstanding examples of his recent works includes the depiction of the beach on a dark night.

The huge black cliffs in the background and the waves lashing the shore enable the tormented viewer to calm down and find inner peace through the ebb and flow of waves. The luminosity of the foam has made even the most casual observer remark that the portrayal seems to have an inner light emanating from the water in the painting.

Atul who now has a family with a wife, two daughters and a son is currently the head of the Fine Arts Department in Sacred Heart High School in Amritsar. He has dedicated his life in grooming young talent and nurturing children with an interest in art. He is also currently the Principal of the Indian Academy of Fine Arts in Amritsar wherein he trains and guides serious youth who wish to make painting a career.

Atul does not believe in the jargonisation of art and emphasizes that art must reflect the perception of the artist while simultaneously bringing about happiness and calmness to the viewers. He is a firm believer in the soothing and healing properties of good art and the positive vibrations that such work emanates.

His expressions on the canvas usually make the viewer introspect and contemplate on the mysterious nature of Godís creation. His work is primarily on themes like Indian landscape, the rich culture and rituals of Punjab, the beauty of nature etc. His colours on the canvas depict the bond between nature and human life. His work usually expresses unbound emotions of love, life, death and materialistic philosophy while making the viewer reflect on the illusionary nature of the same.

Atul is easily accessible and can be contacted by e-mail for any clarification that may be needed about his work.


98, 'KALYANI', Gokal Nagar,
Majitha Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143001
Ph: 0183- 2426905
Mob: 09872614005




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