Ananthanarayanan V

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Ananthanarayanan V

Born in Mumbai city in 1981 and have been tremendously passionate about art & Craft since early childhood. The passion for art and curiosity with experimenting with symbolic art forms and shapes has been a great aspect even in my book, Expressions. My passion grew and with technology and new tools, I chose the digital media as my career and a permanent learning ground.

Sketching, photography, Sculpting, Spirituality and Relief works have been great driving forces impacting on my digital media front over the last three years. The choice of abstract art in 3d digital media came from my thirst for Symbolic expressions over the last few years. I have always chosen ink and pen sketches to communicate strong messages through simple shapes and curves which are visible in the illustrations of my poetry book. I love using positive feelings and color tones in my art media to create photorealistic images in 3d & 2d.

Launched a coffee table Poetry book titled “EXPRESSIONS” and the interview on the same was covered by the Times Of India team.

The cover art for the book and the symbolic illustrations were also designed by me using digital art media. The cover art is titled “Reflections of the Soul” wherein the digital image has been created to express that our life is like a bubble wherein our soul is resting and also playing with various feelings and emotions. The colors used in green symbolize hope. Brown colors here represent bad memories and pink the good of health. And the reflection around says, whatever we do always reflects not only through us but also all around us.

Personal & Educational Details:
Date of Birth – 16th November, 1981

Intermediate in charcoal and sketching – Atul Fine Arts - 1995 – Mulund College of Commerce – 2002
Diploma in Advanced Animation – IIDT Pvt.Ltd. – 2005
Diploma in Advertising & PR – Welingkars Inst. Of Management – 2005
International Skill certifications Digital art media – (2d/3d) – Brainbench USA – 2005-06
Constant contributor of Digital art media to International CG societies:

For more information about the artist, contact directly :

Address : 10/141, Mulund Srinivas,
Off Valji Ladha Road,
Mumbai - 400080

Email : techdivine(at)





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