Aditya Dev

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Aditya Dev


Aditya Dev
C-272, 1st Floor, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-110018
New Delhi
9810148359, 9213923294

I started with Black Ink on paper & Watercolour Medium. I like to paint Figurative, Abstract Forms and Landscape in my styles. My areas of thoughts are very vast which I try to portrait in my paintings and poems. Now I am using acrylic and oil paints on canvas, where I can express my feelings and desire in the forms of colour, which gives me freedom to show my emotions. My sketches are about the feelings and relations, which having no particular shape.

Its forms exude lightness that balances its movement on canvas. There is a deliberate move away from the use of substantial colours, pen and ink, layers and textures to further underscore the notion of the space. There is great tranquility about these images which are clearly records of emotions.

According to V. Vinita, Aditya drawing delved into incentive to show human relation and associated emotion, which create deeper and more perspicuous meaning. In his drawing through mystical, dynamic lines are there in a continuous search for negative to positive portion of life, which makes balanced and proportionate picture in some of the abstract composition, various tones in different levels evokes our senses. Aditya Dev s colour chemistry radiates strong senses of awareness about human relations as well as completes lack of self consciousness.

He splashes unusual colours with thick strokes that are his spontaneity. Pranav Kumar Vandyopadhyaya thinks painting of Aditya many a times refuse the beautiful sky that has fantasy, poetry, music and a lot, sometime unknown. He enters the volatile space by his own journey through paintings; one is not sure, how far the journey is possible between the points of nothingness.



Aditya Dev

Address : C- 272, 1st Floor, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-110018. India State/Country : tel : 9810148359, 9213923294





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