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A. S. Virdi - Anamorphosis Art

ANAMORPHOSIS is a technique of viewing some objects through an unconventional and direct medium. In this technique, when we see the object directly, it appears meaningless and some sort of distortion or unrecognizable thing. But when it is seen through appropriate medium like, round mirror or cylindrical mirror, then that meaningless object takes it original shape and size and reflects as a perfect figure.

Mr. Awtar Singh Virdi, a world renowned artist and painter from Jamshedpur,JHARKHAND INDIA, who has created GUINNESS WORLD RECORD by making world’s largest Anamorphosis Portrait in the year 2004, and has becomes worlds one and only one artist available for Anamorphosis Portraits along with all other possible art techniques.

Mr. Virdi is believed to be the ONLY living exponent for this kind of art who has been perusing this art since last 45 years. This is the event that has taken place after 400 years when Leonardo Da-Vinci lastly did it in 16th century.

He could make some objects and a self-portrait only where as Mr. Virdi does it free hand and drew more than 40 portraits of distinguished personalities like Mother Teresa, Ravindra Nath Tagore, Shubhash Ch. Bose, Swami Viveka Nand, Saint Asaramji, J.R.D. Tata, George W Bush (Sr), George W Bush (Jr), Shri Atal Behri Vajpai, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, etc

Contact: Ravee Bhamra
(Manager for A.S.Virdi) 429, New Layout, Sitaramdera,

P.O. Agrico, Jamshedpur, Pin-831009, Jharkhand

E-mail: asvirdi(at)artlover.com, Ph: 0657-2429417,093346298






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