Mirza Mohammed Ali Baig

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Mirza Mohammed Ali Baig,

Miniature Artist from India


I am a Miniature Artist from the Historic City of Hyderabad, I’ve been doing this since I was eight, inspired from my uncle’s paintings. Initially I went training with the Nirmal Industry for 1 year, but I got the finer points training with Mr. Iqbal Hussain, Artist.

I am well versed with Moghal Miniature Art / Persian Art / Kangda Art / Ajanta Art / Deccan Art / Chugtai Art / Nirmal Art and Oil Paintings etc.

Can be contacted on the address given below:

# 17-3-1/2, Suryajung Palace,
Yakutpura, Hyderabad – 500 023
Tel: +91-40-24525 193
Cell: 9390050396
E-mail: mohmmedaliartist(at)yahoo.co.in



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