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Madhura Sarade


Name : Miss Madhura Mohan Sarade.
Address : 'Miracle Arts' ‘Pratik’ -Govt. Colony Vishrambag, Sangli. 416415

Phone No: (0233) 2301114
Mobil No: 9822809919
Mail I D : madhurasarade(at)yahoo.com
Date of Birth: 15th October 1980
Languages Known: Marathi, Hindi, and English.
Hobbies : Reading, Drawing, Writing, Playing Musical Instruments.

Degree Board / University Year of Passing Percentage
SSC Kolhapur Board1995-1996 1st Class
HSC Kolhapur Board1999-2000 2nd Class
G.D.Art Mumbai Board 1996-2001 2nd Class
Dip.A.Ed. Mumbai Board 2001-2002 2nd Class

1) Basic Computer Course in 'NIIT, Sangli' with 75% marks.
2) Completed Six Months Course in Multimedia in 'Arena Multimedia'.
3) Mural Course in Kala Mandir Mahavidyalaya - Kolhapur.

1) Project as a part of G.D. Art Curriculum,
Sub: Navras Ek Bhavchitran
Object: To Find out the pictures of Indian & Western Artist on Navras & collect all information of Navras.
2) Project done on 'How to teach Composition in 3rd year (Advance) of G.D. Art as a part of the Dip. A. Ed.

1) Member of ‘The Bombay Art Society’ Mumbai.
2) Member of 'Pratibimb Photography Group', Sangli. Since Last 10 years.
3) Stage Decoration.

1) 'Pazer Group Show' was conducted from 1998-2001 at Sangli.
2) ‘Pakhimitra’- in 2000 at Karad. (Dist. Satara)
3) Exhibition was conducted of Photography every year at Sangli & Kolhapur.
4) Kalapushpa Group Show Sangli was conducted at every year.
5) One man Show 2006 at Sangli.
6) Pratibimb Photography Sangli was conducted at every year.

1) Witting Articles, Pomes in Newspaper & Magazines.
2) Participated in Competitions of essay writing & speech.
3) Playing various Musical Instruments.
4) Doing Metal & Canvas Contemporary mural.
5) Doing Digital Photography, Stained Glass, All Creative Works.

1) Conducted 'Miracle Arts' (Art Studio) from last five years.
2) Worked in 'Daily Lokmat' Newspaper as an Artist.

1) Prof. Mr. G.S. Majgaonkar.
Ex. Principal
Kalavishwa Mahavidyalaya Sangli.
Ph No: (0231) 2662392.
2) Prof. Mr. M. K. Jadhav.
Ex. Principal
Kalavishwa Mahavidyalaya Sangli.
Ph No: (0233) 2311723.

Smt. Nirmala Khasanis - U.S.A.
L.I.C. Main Branch - Satara.
UTI Bank- Nagpur.
Patangrao Kadam College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Sangli.
Mr. Girish Chitale - Chitale Milk Bhilavdi.
Dr. Sanjay Kulkarni - Miraj
Mr. Sanjay Tapkire - Sangli.
Mrs. Mukta Mhasavade - Pune.
Miss.Dr. Mangala Shivde - Pune.
Mr. Raju Dabir - Sangli.
Cube Ghakhale & Associates - Sangli.
Mr. V. P. Ruikar - Sangli.
Mr. Ravi Sarade - Satara.
Mr. Vijay Thakkar - Sangli
Mr. Papa Patil - Sangli.
Ar. Samir Ghokhale - Sangli
Willindon College - Sangli.
Dr. Ashtekar - Sangli.
Mr. Sachin Dol - Sangli.
Mr. Amol Rane - Pune.
Ar. Sarang Joshi - Pune.
Mr. Kishor Parsewal - Pune.
Dr. Nitin Nayak - Pune - Sangli.
Ar. Pramod Chougule - pune - Sangli.
Sangli Credit Trading Society - Sangli.



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