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When you decide that you want to buy art, you should first search for information on various artists and visit art galleries and exhibitions to gather more information on the subject of art. Although many people prefer to buy art at exhibitions, there are many reasons why art aficionados or art investors would choose to buy art online. There are also a variety of stores where you can buy and sell art supplies or buy and sell art.

Firstly, the internet provides valuable sources of information and as it provides a wide variety of choices available at one place, the process of decision-making becomes much easier for you. Wherever you choose to buy art from, before you buy original art, you should always make sufficient enquiries and verifications. This is because original art creations can be very expensive and you do not want to simply throw your money away. The same rule applies if you want to buy antique art as this can also be priced at exorbitant sums.

Before you select a vendor to offer your business to, always ask around about his or her reputation. Speak to other clients and make sure that you are dealing with a reputable concern. Most dealers will also help you sell your paintings should you tire of them or want a change. However, this process may not be immediate. They would put up your painting for sale and wait till they get an offer that would be acceptable to you. How fast or slow your painting gets off the market depends on various factors.

Some of the factors that make paintings sellable are things like the reputation of the artist, the theme of the painting and how palatable it is, the color scheme (certain colors are more popular than others as people usually buy paintings that create a certain mood or warmth in a room), the size of the painting etc.

Since art is rapidly gaining a position as a viable form of investment, it makes sense for you to take your time before making purchases. Feel free to compare various works of art and different artists and visit as many galleries as you want before making your final decision. It also helps t understand a little about art and the type of painting you want to buy.

Try and find out the story behind the painting as well, because if the artist tends to follow a specific theme, those paintings may become common, while if a particular painting is a one-off or rare work of art, it may later be greatly appreciated and sought-after.

It helps to speak to experts in the field of art, but unfortunately, most experts are affiliated to specific galleries and will try and sell the works of specific artists. There are however, few very respectable art dealers who you can trust to get honest advice from. But you have to find such dealers and experts through word-of-mouth. The most important thing is to love the art you decide to buy.

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani

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