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A ‘print’ refers to the reproduction of a painting or work of art. Such prints are created photo-mechanical processes and although they may differ in size from the original, the print quality is usually such that it maintains the original color and grandeur of the work-of-art.

The effect that is created is consequently much more defined than a poster. Fine art prints are made by using a particular print stock which is heavier than the print stock used for posters. The advantage of having a print is that it is a long-lasting, high-quality and more economical version of the original art work. Antique art prints and vintage art prints however can be very valuable and should, ideally, be treated with care and caution in order to keep them from getting faded.

Art prints can be a very nice way to decorate a room. They add all the color and warmth to a room that you would want, and as such are an important decorative element, while at the same time they are usually affordable as well and will not raise your decoration cost too much. Like any piece of art, an art print reflects the personality of its owner and the general mindset of the family that resides in the home.

Hence, it is important to think about what kind of art print you want to own. Country art prints have country themes like they may depict a house surrounded by acres of uninhabited land or may have a farm scene or a picture of horses or bears. These are common prints and are often found at coffee shops and in hotel rooms. Although they add color and mood to the room they are in, they are not deep or thought-provoking.

Folk art prints vary from culture to culture and where American folk art may have scenes from Amish culture for instance, Chinese folk art may have images of Chinese farming and agriculture. A well-chosen art print reflects the taste and style of the family that occupies the house. Art prints made in different art styles such as Asian, American masters, art deco, ex-pressionism, folk art, gothic art, modern renaissance art, and vintage are perfect to complement one’s room decor. In addition to decorating rooms, art prints are a good gifting option. For instance, bird art prints are ideal gifts for nature lovers.

Art deco prints are also popular among Western art prints. What we know as art deco came to be christened in 1966, after an exhibition held at The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France. Art Déco refers to applied art. It is the concept of using artistic skills to create beautiful designs for cars, refrigerators and other machines or even furniture. Art deco prints would hence naturally depict such structures.

Architecture and design are the main themes of art deco prints which may feature a wide variety of central objects like buildings, cars or even dressing tables. Affordable fine art Giclee prints make the process of print-making easier and more economical making them available to the common man.

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani


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