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art therapy

  is described by the dictionary as Psychotherapy which incorporates the production of visual art (painting, sculpture, etc) in order to understand and express one's feelings.

It is a branch of psychotherapy that applies processes of artistic creation on the subject to heal. A psychotherapist uses this technique on varied clients in informal settings i.e. studios, workshops etc.

Specialists have discovered through experimentation that the process involved in creating art is immensely healing, brings one in touch with ones emotions and boosts self- esteem. Art is a healing force which counters stress, trauma and enhances the cognitive skills of the subject.

Art Therapy can be broadly classified under three heads.
1) Art Therapy - Defines the application of principles which rule visual arts for psycho therapy.
2) Creative Art Therapy - Covers the application of therapy in creative fields like dance, drama, music, and writing.
3) Expressive Art Therapy - This is applied through the performing arts to for psychological healing.

Primitive man vented his artistic instincts for self preservation and understanding since time immemorial and history of all cultures is strewn with instances of art being used for psychological health of individuals and communities.

Based on these facts, psychiatrists started experimenting with art work to cure mentally ill patients and developing children with immense success. Art Therapy started carving its niche as a profession in 1940s and by mid century it was incorporated as a specialized field in hospitals, schools and mental health clinics. It has however truly come into its own in the present times.


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