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  .....An “Art school” is any school specializing in art. The term Art School is applied to any institute that educates in visual arts. Such schools have courses in painting, applied arts, sculpture, photography, graphic designing, fine arts etc.

Art schools have their own typical culture in terms of life style and ex-pression. They are normally liberal in outlook and the discipline and curriculum is not like schools of other subjects.

They imbibe a bohemian attitude in the students, and the style of living is mostly unshackled from convention and societal dictates. Cerebral in temper the students live on a highly sensitive zone of subliminal imagery.

The philosophy of Art schools negates the role of media in the mass sense and is constantly churning out new art theories and fresh perceptions in the cultural sphere.

There is a new world-wide trend of the big universities offering courses in visual arts while smaller autonomous institutes merge with polytechnics for art related diploma courses.

There is no distinct criterion that differentiates Art Schools from Art Institutes and Colleges and Schools providing education in the arts often take either one of these titles.

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