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art paintings for sale

  Paintings today are considered an investment, just like purchasing real estate or mutual funds. Some are pro art as an investment whereas others believe that art paintings are far from the safest or best way to invest your money.

Other than the two above categories there is also a very important clan of people who buy these artworks solely on the grounds of their love for them. Whatever the driving force of the purchaser, art paintings have a large and continuously growing market in today’s world and even in India alone.
The art painting market is not only widespread but also well equipped. It offers paintings priced at figures ranging from a hundred rupees or less to few millions of rupees in various sizes and media by various artists, each having their own style. The consumer can pick from this vast variety depending on his budget and interests.

Paintings can be sold by way of auctions, which in fact is the method employed by most famous artists today. Many auctions are held online making the internet a very lucrative platform for artists. A platform which is also easily accessible to those interested in buying art paintings for sale. Art galleries also hold auctions from time to time. Galleries may also sell paintings at a marked price instead of auctioning them. The choice between the two aforementioned methods is made by the artist.

The methods written about earlier apply more to contemporary and modern art paintings than those of earlier eras. These do feature in galleries but tend to adorn museums more often or are owned by individuals or institutions such as churches etc. These may be sold at a set price or auctioned by the owner.
Like real estate or bonds, resale of all kinds of art paintings from different eras by various artists at various prices is a common affair. There is no doubt that the art painting market is growing very conspicuously today, especially in India.



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