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Preview : By S Jayaraj - painting exhibition at Chennai from 14th to 24th July 2007. The painting theme is on 'figurative'.


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  What is it about ART that is so eye catching that even the common person wishes to rise above his mundane existence and appreciate it. A number of glamorous events in metros and satellite cities in India are attracting the rich and the famous along with common people on a single platform to promote various forms of art. From the different kinds of Art Events held easily, one can figure the popularity of art. Today an artist can go solo or participate with other artists to display works of art and be noticed as well. The spotlight gravitates towards those Art Events that have become a cult for art lovers. As number of art connoisseurs increase different types of art events have different meanings.

Art Exhibitions

These are the oldest form of display of artwork by artists. Of course, today art galleries have become state-of-the-art and are well-lit. A good art gallery will take care of all the events related to the artist. From a solo exhibition to theme based works, photographs, abstracts, out of town artists, students work are handled. If a solo artist is featured (especially a celebrated painter) then the event is well publicized in various media (electronic & print) to attract attention. The artist normally is available in the gallery at specific hours to talk to people also. Normally the exhibition is an organized event, which calls for inauguration by a social person or an art aficionado. Generally, the first day is reserved for special invitees and press. Then the exhibition (3 days or 10 days) is open during the working day for the public. Sometimes two or more artists have same themes but with different interpretations. Having their works displayed side-by-side helps people to evaluate their works in a single place. Normally an art dealer who knows the two artists and is keen on promoting their works puts such events together.

Special Art Events

Some art events become almost iconic and most artists and audiences wait for them. Usually, these are annual affairs and display work of artists from many different parts. For example the Annual Harmony Exhibition in Mumbai which is in its tenth year of existence is rapidly becoming a coveted event for artists to be featured in. Every year it has a special artist in focus (could be a budding artist or a veteran). The event also focuses on plays with art themes, which is popular with the public. Interviews and seminars are highlights of the ten-day event. Another event is the Kala Ghoda Festival again in Mumbai, which has interesting works of arts brought straight out on the streets! All types of mixed media are displayed and creativity is pure unlimited at such events. In addition, when it is open to public, they do appreciate and encourage the artist community to explore their talents.

In Pune and various other smaller towns in Maharastra, Karnataka and West Bengal Festivals like Ganesh Utsav and Durga Puja inspire artists, sculptors, artisans, and of course painters to have a wide variety of themes. In such events, rural art and amateur artists find interested patrons. This is the time to worship the talent and with so many cultural events holding such events for artists, competitions bring out the best in them!

Art Education Events

One of the best ways to encourage talent is to allow children to paint. Some schools of arts organize workshops for students and adults during holidays, weekends and special occasions to promote art. These kinds of art events are also important to nurture young talent. Some artists themselves conduct workshops to assist new artists.

Walking tours of various art galleries and museums of artworks for visiting artists and students helps in the study of art itself. Popular abroad these educational trips help students of art who wish to make careers in art later. Sometimes nature trails and art camps are regularly held for young adults.

Art Events With A Cause

Sometimes during the year, special art events are organized for charity purposes with some gala dinners. These events are usually restricted to corporate houses, art dealers and important patrons of art. These events are mostly associated with some auction houses as well. Bidding takes place to fetch good prices, which are then donated, to some worthy causes. Since the entry to these events is restricted, only those invitees are called who have genuine interest in buying art or are members of a club. Foreign artists too have such events where billions are exchanged in form of art investment also. Once in a while, a single artist gets together a collection of his old and new work for exclusive patrons for some cause.

Art Events are becoming important social points of contacts than mere glamorous parties. There is an art event for the intellectual audience, workshops or the learners, exhibitions for all occasions and much more. Pick up any art event that you like and it is sure to stimulate you and challenge the creative mind.  - By N A Nagpal



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