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  Art institutes can be differentiated from Art schools in that the institutes give degrees and majors in visual arts as a section of larger programmes in the sciences and liberal arts. The popular abbreviation for Art Institutes is AI. They are mostly for profit in private enterprises to prepare people for careers in media, fashion, visual arts, applied arts and design.

India has developed a number of art schools in the past few years, some of which are as follows. Imago School of Acting - New Delhi, Colourchips Animation Training Centre Hyderabad, National Institute of Design Ahemdabad, Digital Academy Film School Bombay, Image College of  Arts, Animation and Technology Chennai, MUV Institute of Digital Arts Chennai, Asian Academy of Film and Television Noida, Creative-i College -  Pune, DA-IICT Gandhinagar, Srishti School of Art Design and Technology Bangalore, Late Bahusaheb Institute of Design Mumbai, Satej School for Art and Technical Education in Jewellery Pune, ICAAT which has training centers in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, ANTS-Animation Training School Bangalore, Chakrapanis World School of Music New Delhi, Academy of Fashion Design Kottayam and Raffles Design International - Mumbai.

In North America itself there are 30 such Art Institutes. They offer bachelors, masters and associate degree and non-degree programmes in Art. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers online programmes in Art.

In UK there are numerous Art Institutes with differing in  management style and size Most of the institutes are autonomous Colleges and schools of Design and Art and can be traced back to the 19th century. Few of them art Government enterprises.
1970s ushered a new trend in Art education where degrees took precedence over diplomas as desirable qualification.

Individual Institutes have collaborated with universities to teach and give post- graduate degrees. Independent school of Arts have merged with polytechnics to validate higher education in the field of Art. Some Art schools have also taken the identification of universities and stick to the practice of giving degrees under their own name like the Royal College of Art in London.




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