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abstract art sculptures


  Modern-abstract art manifested in the world of sculpture between 1910 and 1920, in America and Europe. Two distinct styles distinguished abstract images; one being abstract art which has been inspired by nature and represented in an unconventional way that looks very different  from the real, and the other, images or art objects which were completely non objective, meaning they were not drawn from any real images.

Experimentation in art led to further development in the field of abstract sculpture in Europe and Russia through the efforts of Dadaists, Volticists and Fututrists and depicted in the works of Kasomir and Piet.

In abstract sculpture, sculptors were liberated from the conventional shackles of content and form and experimented with increased zeal. Brancusi’s famous ‘interpretation of a kiss’ is one of the first abstract sculptures. Cubists like Duchamp and Lipchitz took abstraction forward, followed by Dadaists.

Constructivism in 1915 and De Stijl in 1917 were two movements which incorporated abstraction into the world of architecture and sculpture. These were parallel movements. The constructivist philosophy showed in their creation as revolutionary, inviting change through the use of modern graphics, machine technology and photography. They attempted to give ex-pression to the ambitions and hopes of people



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