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About Art.in

About Art.in - an Online art exhibition space for Indian artists

Showcasing Indian art worldwide - For the Indian art community

ART.in is a non-commercial site dedicated to promote the works of talented Indian artists, particularly struggling artists from rural India. Owned by Mr Vijay Lulla & associates, the mission of the site is to promote the work of Indian art and provide an opportunity for artists to present a substantial body of work in separate project spaces.

In an effort to provide opportunities to emerging artists, we would conduct online exhibitions, and art event promotions.

In addition to virtual art galleries and mini art exhibitions, we shall present the works of artists at prominent art fairs and newsletters.

The online art galleries and exhibitions shall provide an opportunity to emerging Indian artists to participate and promote their work.

Panel of editors include:

1) Anjana Vaswani

2) Nivedita Sharma

3) Karishma Bajaj



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